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Off to Tulum!

Hello friends and favorites. ☺️ I’ve decided to reward myself with a little getaway to a tropical paradise here in a couple of days. I am beyond thrilled! It’s beyond overdue. This past month has been busy; rewarding and stressful at the same time. Moving to a new city is tough, especially since I’m always on the move already due to this lifestyle. It’s very rare for me to sit still in one city for an entire week. Okay I'll admit it. I’m a bit addicted to the chaotic flow, but the freedom is exhilarating and soothes my yearning for adventure and freedom. I never got the chance last year to properly celebrate my birthday since I knew a big change was coming. I was dealing with bittersweet feelings of leaving San Francisco. I’ve always been very grateful for the freedom I have in my life. Movement reminds me to cherish it. ♥️

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