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The best way to "Set The Mood"

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Nothing makes me happier than meeting someone who's genuinely excited to meet me. That makes me genuinely excited to meet them as well...

Yesterday I had the most incredible time with a new gentleman who treated me wonderfully. Creating a comfortable environment for a woman will always guarantee a wonderful experience with her. Hot tub and sushi? Don't mind if I do.

Having a comfortable space for both of us helps us lower our guard a little more and connect organically. Booking longer engagements in a comfortable setting is the ultimate aphrodisiac. With all that being said, yesterday I got to laugh, goof around, play, indulge, and connect. We both parted ways feeling fulfilled. It makes me happy to think I left someone a little better than how I found them... if that makes sense. It was definitely bittersweet when we parted ways. But I'm certain we'll get to enjoy the pleasure of each other's company again sometime very soon. -Ashley

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