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What’s in a gaze?

What is it about the alluring gaze in a woman’s eyes that draws you to her. Is there a subtle air of curiosity? A flicker of mischievous temptation paired with a playful grin. Or even perhaps a hint of danger and debauchery within a sensual smirk.

Lately, as I’ve been working on being more present, I’ve found that simply staying attentive with someone through my gaze is easier than just “being still”. Attentiveness comes naturally to me. Patience? Not so much. A lot can be said without words through simply maintaining eye contact. Immediacy is intimate.

I feel that the eyes are always the most captivating feature of any person I’ve met. Looking into them can be really telling. I’m a curious girl and I’m stimulated by the connections I make. Holding a person in my gaze feeds the soul. Silence carries the weight of curiosity and anticipation. Have you ever experienced such a thing? As you’re invited to explore the depths of intimacy and affection with someone, take a moment to enjoy the decadent sensations you feel that go beyond the physical.

Here’s to chasing those moments, and discovering them in unexpected places. It can be quite serendipitous if you’re open to the possibilities.

~ Sincerely your Muse, Ashley ♥

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