Ashley O'Connell.

Do you dare to indulge in a little innocent debauchery? Life is too short to deny the pleasures of the heart. 

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I'm a hedonistic wanderess with a certain alluring grace. I crave not only intimacy but heartfelt connection. My kind nature creates a sense of comfortability with each encounter. You will feel my sensual energy, paired with an atmosphere of calm. Let me be your breath of fresh air; an oasis of real comfort, connection, and sensuality. 


Let me guide you through the atmosphere...

Imagine exploring San Francisco or rediscovering it with an alluring muse by your side. Fine dining at one of the city's essential restaurants. For sushi I recommend Kusakabe or Omakase. For steak, I suggest either Alexander's or Harris'. 


Inspirations and Indulgences

We meet at the accommodation of your choosing,  getting to know each other over a delicious meal. Warming our senses and connecting through flirtatious conversation while the anticipation builds between us. We escape to somewhere only we know; an unforgettable atmosphere of sensuality and escape.


Contact Me:


For your consideration; don't forget to look over my Investments and Engagements page.

Before me meet exclusively, I will need to receive an email containing some information about you. This is so we you and I are at complete ease during our time together. Safety and privacy are paramount to me. 

Upon contacting me, please include your name, email, and phone number. Please include the city you're currently staying. A screenshot of your Linkedin profile or Facebook is ideal. Preferably, I'd like to have a provider reference from one more more providers who you've seen recently.


Lastly, let me know how much time we'll have the pleasure of each other's company.


Feel free to include a little bit about yourself! I want to know about you more intimately if you feel comfortable sharing. 

Other forms of verification are acceptable; I'm willing to work with you.

Email me at: ashleyoconnell@protonmail.ch