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Spend a little time with me...

The First Impression: (One Hour) $1,000
Little Rendezvous: (90 Minutes)  $1,200 

The Sweet Escape: (Two Hours) $1,800
The Rendezvous: (Three Hours) $2,600

Longer Duration Appointments: Suggested for dinner dates, events, or travel.

Four Hours: $3,000 (Perfect for Dinner and Desert)

Five Hours: $4,000 (Perfect for a long Dinner and Desert)

Six Hours: $5,000 (Perfect for an event, show, or an opulent night out.)

Overnights and Arrangements:

Keep in mind: I need my beauty rest. I will hope that you'll understand my need for sleep in order to wake up refreshed and ready to be my optimum self.

Overnight (12 hours): $6,000

Day Together (24 hours): $8,000

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