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The "Big Easy"

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

New Orleans is one of my favorite cities; shrouded in mystery and full of life. It's truly one of a kind. ♥

Maybe considered a little "rough around the edges", it's saturated with an alluring charm. Laid back locals, juicy warm weather, historic hotels, and delicious southern food that warms the heart and fills the soul.

Taking is easy in this laid back city just feels natural.

I had the pleasure of visiting New Orleans in early March; pre-virus pandemonium. I get lucky with with my spontaneous trips; and this was one of them. I got to savor the taste of New Orleans; A mild warm breeze overlooking Bourbon Street, a cozy hotel balcony, relaxing with one of my closest friends. What a romantic way to relax before such a chaotic year.

No one knew of what would ensue after the month of March. But New Orleans is one of those places that always holds on with resilience; often the case in this spirited city. I can't wait to be back and immerse myself in the culture there. I want start off 2021 on a positive note. Always always, I look forward to new serendipitous adventures and intimate encounters that lay waiting for me. Time to make new friends over a good glass of pinot noir. Or bourbon.

When in Rome! ♥

~ Sincerely your Muse, Ashley ♥

Beginning of May, 2020. French Quarter, New Orleans.

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