Adding to the vibrancy of an already colorful collection of life experiences, how lucky am I to explore such beautiful places like these in in my life?

I had the pleasure of meeting a most refined gentleman in San Francisco earlier this year. I was honored to accompany him on his annual retreat to Yellowstone. Every morning, as the early sunlight touched the landscape, I was gently reminded of beauty of nature's complexions. These are one of the perks of being an "early-riser"; partaking in pastel painted sunrises.

Don't be fooled by the refined poise in this photo. I had hiked approximately 7 miles earlier that day. And 5 the day before. Breaking in my new hiking boots, I wanted to take on the challenge of keeping up with such an experienced adventurer.

He definitely pushed my limits, but I was thankful for it. At my core I am a person to delights in the more simple of indulgences. I am from the midwest afterall; I'm not afraid to get a little dirty in the wilderness from time to time in between my typical day-to-day life in the city. At heart and soul I am a person who finds the ultimate peace within nature. I feel a great sense of belonging when I am immersed in the tranquility of it.

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