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Pillow Talk; Truth or Dare

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

As I enter the suite at the Four Seasons in San Francisco, the southern gentleman greets me at the door with a bottle of Veuve and a genuine smile. This guy knows how to do it right. I guess chivalry isn't dead after all.

I love first-timers; They’re a little shy, I find them often sweet and endearing. A little bit of consideration goes a long way! and He was an absolute joy; both of our defenses were put at ease by a shared sense of humor and a little social lubrication over champagne. Taking the time for champagne and conversation only sweetens the flavour of what comes after.We joked and talked and laughed and I was amused by his reaction of me casually slipping off my clothing. I am very comfortable in my own skin. I enjoy being in my birthday suit whenever it's appropriate. I casually remove another layer returning to his lap for more intimate conversation. Taking the time for champagne and conversation only sweetens the flavour of what comes next.

As the drinks poured and our comfort grew, we start playing a flirtatious game of truth or dare. I faintly remember him cheating and taking extra turns until I eventually lost. My dare was to show him how I like to pleasure myself when I’m alone. It's nothing too grandeur in my personal opinion, but he absolutely loved it all the same.

I like a man who is simply his honest self. When two people are at ease with each other, the encounter is more likely to be an unforgettable and fulfilling experience. Nothing makes me happier than mutual satisfaction. It feels good. After the night is over you can't help but feel a soft content little smile across your face when the two of you part ways.

~ Sincerely your Muse, Ashley ♥

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